Flush, Stile and Rail Wood Doors

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Nature’s stunning contribution to every construction project can be seen in finished wood door and frame products. The selection, detailing, handling and finishing of wood doors are critical considerations that will maximize their aesthetic and functional impact to a project. Misconceptions and contradictions concerning wood door and frame products are prevalent in today’s construction market and project specifications. Arch-I-Tech Doors’ Project Management Team is adept at interpreting wood door specifications and can offer needed insight into details such as veneer type, door face assembly and matching, core type and construction, LEED and fire door requirements and the many other details of these products that are often misunderstood by contractors. 

Wood doors
Huge selection of doors.

Endless Options

Regardless of a project's requirements, ADI has the correct door.  Any size, configuration, or grain. Contractors will find most styles stocked in ADI's convenient Marietta warehouse and coupled with ADI's ability to customize doors to any specification contractors can find a door to satisfy any need. Fast.

When an architect successfully emerges from a design-build meeting and begins writing the wood doors specification they can choose from endless options. Veneer, split veneer, cut, construction, LEED certified, blocking, vision panels, applied moldings, fire rating, factory finished, stain grade and paint grade are but a few of the offerings. Architects often envision a door type that cannot be assembled by any door manufacturer. It is the responsibility of the Division 8 supplier to aggregate the architect’s specifications into an available door unit.

Arch-I-Tech Doors has been interpreting wood door specifications for over 30 years and has never failed to provide a solution even for the most difficult spec. From estimating to detailing ADI’s team never diverges from the written specification. ADI welcomes a GC to “cut a door up” in an attempt to prove otherwise; that is simply another sale.

In addition to factory coordinated orders, Arch-I-Tech Doors has custom wood door milling capabilities. Orders of up to 60 doors can be milled to special hardware locations in several days depending on current production lead times vastly reducing the factory lead times of 4-6 weeks. Project require fire rated doors? Arch-I-Tech Doors is an authorized Warnock Hersey shop and can mill, glaze and modify fire rated doors from 20 minutes up to 90 minutes.