Customization and Modification

The Perfect Fit For Any Project

Many contractors prefer a turn-key solution when selecting which Division 8 distributor to partner with on a project. Arch-I-Tech Doors partners with several commercial door and hardware installation companies of varying sizes that support a comprehensive approach to project execution. When combined, the mission of Arch-I-Tech Doors and its partner installation company is to provide quality and timely service with respect to engineering, management, installation and modification of commercial pedestrian doors, frames and hardware. Arch-I-Tech Doors has on staff several technicians who can facilitate field modification of wood doors and hollow metal doors and frames. Field services offered by ADI:

  • Material Installation
  • Application Engineering
  • Electronic Hardware Installation
  • Existing Door and Frame modification
  • Field Survey to Match Existing Conditions

Shop Capabilities

We do more than just store in our 14,000 sq ft warehouse!

Wood Shop

Wood Doors

  • Machining stock and non-stock doors for hardware
  • Dutch Wood Doors
  • Machining for Vision Lites, with or without glazing
  • Machining and Labeling Fire Rated Doors

Hollow Metal Doors

  • Prepping stock and non-stock doors for hardware
  • Prepping for and installing vision kits, with or without glazing
  • Prepping and Labeling Fire Rated Doors
  • Repair and Modification
  • Custom door fabrication
Metal door customization
Metal frame customization

Hollow Metal Frames

  • Prepping stock and non-stock frames for hardware and anchor requirements
  • Prepping and Labeling Fire Rated Frames
  • Construction of fully welded frames and sidelights
  • Custom frame fabrication