Finish Hardware, Specialty, and Accessories

Whether in the design, bid, build or aftermarket phase, ADI simplifies the complex world of finish hardware.

Door openers with locks

Huge variety of hardware in many finishes

With ADI's tremendous inventory, options will never be challenge.  

Choose from popular finishes:

  • USP, Paint Grade
  • 625, Polished Chrome
  • 605, Polished Brass
  • 626, Brushed Chrome
  • 613, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Match any style or finish

Arch-I-Tech Doors stocks a large quantity of builder's hardware in common finishes to meet most project requirements, which removes time waiting on shipments. All non-stock items can be ordered directly from the industry's top manufacturers which ADI has partnered with for over thirty years.  If factory lead times are not acceptable, Arch-I-Tech Doors has long established relationships with a large network of wholesale suppliers. In many instances non-stock hardware items can be delivered the next day.


Make It Pop

It is often the most scrutinized item on a project: door hardware. Finish hardware is the functional accent item that makes every door assembly memorable. Finish, builders, contract hardware, different names for the same product. Simple things such as hinges and floor stops. Complex things like automatic door openers and electrified mortise locks. Available in as many finishes as a Crayola 64 pack has colors, door hardware is the bling on a project that is expected to last the life of the building.

Partnering with an experienced Division 8 company makes navigating the weird world of finish hardware an enjoyable experience. As one senior superintendent was known to say, “I have a million things to coordinate on my project, then I get to door hardware and have a million more, I hate that industry”! Don’t be that guy. Partnering with Arch-I-Tech Doors on a construction project minimizes the frustration related to selecting appropriate hardware. Sure, hardware can be purchased from many online sites, but incorrectly select one small option and the material may be an expensive paperweight. ADI’s project management team is comprised of “door nerds” who genuinely enjoy assisting customers with the arduous task of making sure that the hardware selected for a project satisfies the specification as well as the owner’s desire.

Arch-I-Tech Doors stocks a wide variety of hardware in several of the most common finishes. When necessary, ADI can procure hardware from any of the three major hardware manufacturers or from a network of quick ship wholesale vendors. The process of choosing correct finish hardware can be a daunting task, partnering with Arch-I-Tech Doors makes it more like an adventure.